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Re-Designed Front & Rear Instrument Panels

  • Added leg room and comfort.
  • Room for more instruments and placards.
  • Rear instrument panel fits nicely behind the front seat

Interior improved for all around comfort

  • Improved air vents
  • Softer seat cushions

Accessability Features

  • Hand controls for rudder
  • Lockable adjustments for the dive brakes
  • Removable control stick

High Quality Canopy

  • Improved clarity
  • Excelent visibility
  • Crystal clear views
  • Streamlined shape
  • Canopies made by MecaPlex
  • The best canopies around!

New and Improved Brake System

  • Standard brake assembly
  • Standard wheel assembly
  • Combined dive brake and wheel brake handle

Performance Improvements

  • Winglets
  • Wing root fairings
  • Gap seals