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Universal Appeal

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The Peregrine Has a Universal Appeal

STUDENTS will quickly develop the confidence by flying a sailplane that is easy to fly, yet capable of soaring in the weakest conditions.

INSTRUCTORS will love the outstanding rear seat visibility and comfort. They will no longer have to rely on the eyes of a nervous student for separation from other aircraft. Docile handling characteristics, quickly build student confidence and competence.

EXPERIENCED PILOTS will enjoy the opportunity to share the excitement of soaring with friends and family.

CLUBS will find an affordable and durable sailplane with great handling and visibility. Members will request to fly this sailplane again and again. This durable sailplane can be conveniently kept outside.

COMMERCIAL OPERATORS will find this sailplane to be profitable for glider rides, basic training, aerobatic instruction and rental. Importantly, the low total cost of ownership for the Peregrine makes an ideal leaseback opportunity for many investors.